Lenczner Slaght
Lenczner Slaght

Widely recognized as Canada’s leading litigation practice, Lenczner Slaght has successfully represented clients’ interests in some of the most complex, high-profile cases in Canadian legal history. In short, we’re expert litigators.


Experience: We spend more time in court.

We’re advocates, first and foremost. Over our 25 years, the advocates at Lenczner Slaght have acted for clients in over 17,000 cases, conducting more than 500 trials, arbitrations and tribunal hearings. In total, our current team has spent more than 6,500 days in hearings. We know courts, and the courts know us. Our experience is why people turn to us in the most difficult situations. Our experience and credibility with courts mean that we’re expert litigators.

Knowledge: We understand the law and our clients.

We complement our superior advocacy with a deep understanding of both the law and our clients. Our ranks are filled with recognized experts in their practice areas, not to mention a former judge of the Supreme Court of Canada. Backed by a team of first-rate research lawyers, our advocates know the ins and outs of the law, because they’ve argued some of the leading cases across many practice areas.

We represent a diverse roster of clients, from leading multinational technology and pharmaceutical companies, to some of Canada’s largest financial institutions, to professionals, executives, business owners and public figures. We know the law, but we also know our clients and how their disputes fit into their overall business objectives and strategy. The bottom line is that we are experienced litigators who combine advocacy and subject-matter expertise.

Precision: We offer clarity and judgment.

We round out our experience and knowledge with sound judgment. We are direct with both our clients and the courts. We are fearless yet professional, fierce yet fair. Litigation can be complex, but our approach is focused. We distil complicated and abstract concepts into sharp, winning arguments. And that gets results.

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