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FILION WAKELY THORUP ANGELETTI LLP specializes in labour relations and employment law on behalf of employers. The lawyers at our firm represent and advise executives, managers, and human resources professionals on all aspects of the law governing the relationship between employers and their employees, including employment-related litigation, negotiations and strategic planning. We have one of the most highly respected management-side labour and employment practices in Canada and our lawyers are acknowledged leaders in the field, enjoying strong reputations for their work throughout Canada and abroad.

Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP is a founding member of Advocates for Employers of Canada or “AEC” (empcan.com), a nation-wide alliance forged between five of Canada’s preeminent management-side labour and employment practices. Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP is also the sole Canadian member of L&E GLOBAL (L&E Global), a top-ranked international alliance of over 1700 employers’ counsel in more than 150 countries around the world.


Collective Bargaining: Depth of experience in collective bargaining negotiations is one of our greatest strengths. Whether acting as a spokesperson at the bargaining table or as an advisor to the bargaining committee, we assist employers in every stage of the negotiation process from the drafting of the first proposal to the conciliation and mediation processes. We regularly negotiate both first collective agreements and renewal agreements and are experienced at drafting language that is clear, practical and unlikely to result in arbitral challenge.

Wrongful Dismissal and Employment-related Litigation: In the courts, we represent employers in wrongful dismissal actions, including actions involving fiduciary duties of departing employees, injunction applications, occupational health and safety charges, and judicial review applications, at all levels of the trial and appellate courts. In the administrative arena, we represent employers in proceedings before labour arbitrators, employment standards officers, the Ontario Labour Relations Board, the Canada Industrial Relations Board, human rights tribunals, the Pay Equity Tribunal, and Workplace Safety and Insurance adjudicators.

Employment Standards: Our clients often seek our opinion and advice on all aspects of employment standards, including minimum wage, overtime restrictions, hours of work, premium pay, statutory holidays, severance pay, notice of termination, pregnancy and parental leave, plant closures and temporary layoffs. We represent employers at officer meetings and at hearings.

Grievance Arbitration: We assist clients in all aspects of collective agreement administration, including advising on employee misconduct, promotion disputes, lay-off procedures, seniority matters, scheduling flexibility, and pay and benefit obligations. We also provide advice on the appropriate settlement of grievances and represent employers before arbitration boards.

Human Rights, Harassment and Pay Equity: We assist clients in ensuring that all federal, provincial and common law obligations in these fields are met and maintained. We are regularly engaged in the implementation and auditing of policies and plans, negotiating their integration with existing collective agreement provisions and workplace practices and, when necessary, advising during investigations and appearing before various boards and tribunals.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring: We advise our clients or their corporate solicitors on the labour and employment aspects of corporate restructuring.

Non-Union Employers: Non-union employers often seek our advice on how to respond to union attempts to organize their workplace. We work closely with employers to help them legally respond to the union’s campaign in a timely manner. In concert with our clients, we develop a communications strategy which is consistent with their approach to employee relations and which effectively communicates their position to employees.

Collective Agreement Administration: We have significant expertise in advising employers on the interpretation and application of their collective agreements.

Occupational Health and Safety: We assist clients in properly responding to safety-related work refusals and represent our clients’ interests at coroners’ inquests.

Work Stoppages: We advise and help clients to thoroughly and properly prepare for strikes or lock outs and advise clients on minimizing the impact of such disruptions.

Workplace Safety and Insurance: We represent clients at hearings and mediation at all levels of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal.


333 Bay St, Suite 2500, Box 44
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5H 2R2
Phone: (416) 408-3221
Fax: (416) 408-4814


620A Richmond St, 2nd Fl
London, ON, Canada, N6A 5J9
Phone: (519) 433-7270
Fax: (519) 433-4453


1 King St W, Suite 1201, Box 57030
Hamilton, ON, Canada, L8P 4W9
Phone: (905) 526-8904
Fax: (905) 577-0805

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