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As a national full-service law firm, DLA Piper provides a comprehensive range of legal services to clients around the world through offices across Canada and an associated office in Japan. Established in Vancouver in 1892, the firm has more than 260 lawyers working in integrated practice groups that focus on the highest levels of client service and specialization. We add value to our clients' enterprises by helping them to achieve their business objectives and resolve their business problems quickly and effectively.

DLA Piper is strong in all of the traditional areas of legal practice, and also offers the knowledge base of our broad array of innovative practice groups and integrated specialties such as Projects Finance, Infrastructure and Public Private Partnerships (PPP), Climate Change/Renewable Energy, and Video Games and Interactive Entertainment. Across the firm, our lawyers continuously cultivate commercial and government relationships to both facilitate the conduct of business and to identify new business opportunities for our clients.

DLA Piper is the only Canadian law firm with an associated office in Japan. Operating as Davis & Takahashi in Tokyo, the firm continues its over 70-year tradition of providing legal services to Japanese clients and to those wishing to do business with Japanese companies. Legal expertise provided by our Japan team focuses on corporate/commercial and M&A, and banking and finance, infrastructure/PPP, and natural resources and energy development/transactions. The Tokyo office primarily advise Japanese clients with their business in Japan and overseas, and works closely with our Canadian offices to assist international clients with their business in Japan.

For more information on how DLA Piper can assist your organization, we invite you to visit our website at www.dlapiper.com or contact our Firm Managing Partner, Robert A. Seidel, QC at (780) 429-6814 or rseidel@dlapiper.com


Banking & Financial Services: (Contact: Eric Belli-Bivar (416) 941-5396, Megan Filmer (604) 643-6441, Marc Philibert (514) 392-8442, David J. Stratton, QC (780) 429-6804, Trevor Wong-Chor (403) 698-8711) Provide comprehensive advice and services to a wide range of Canadian chartered banks, offshore banks, non-bank financial institutions (including credit unions) and non-institutional lenders. Advise on matters such as the structuring and implementation of a range of debt transactions including: working capital (asset-based) loans, trade finance, project finance transactions (e.g., cross-border project finance transactions related to public-private partnerships), bond/debenture capital markets debt transactions and securitization transactions.

Corporate/Commercial/M&A: (Contact: Brian F. Hiebert (604) 643-2917, Roy Hudson (403) 698-8708, P. Anthony (Tony) McArthur +813 6234 1241, Marc Philibert (514) 392-8442, Samual Schwartz (416) 369-5278, Rodney A. Snow, QC (867) 393-5105, and David J. Stratton, QC (780) 429-6804) Provide advice on mergers, acquisitions, and corporate reorganizations, related financing matters, competition issues, bulk sales, regulatory and other legal issues. Advise on corporations, limited and general partnerships, and joint ventures, and other forms of business associations and strategic alliances. Advise on matters pertaining to securities laws and the regulatory process, corporate finance, and public offerings, amalgamations, plans of arrangement, and other business combinations which implement complex corporate reorganizations in a tax-effective manner. Advise on corporate governance matters, environmental laws and regulations, dealership agreements, franchise agreements and product distribution, intellectual property and information technology.

Employment & Labour: (Contact: Peter M. Archibald, QC (604) 643-6302, Michael D.A. Ford, QC (403) 294-3588, André Giroux (514) 392-8912, Richard J. Nixon (416) 365-3521, and Donald Wilson (780) 429-6817) Provide innovative strategic advice, dispute resolution and negotiating expertise to management and government in all aspects of business employment relations. Offer counsel on areas such as employee benefits and pensions, executive compensation, governance, human rights and privacy.

Energy: (Contact: David Crocker (416) 941-5415, Terence Dalgleish, QC (403) 698-8740, P. John Landry (604) 643-2935, Marc Philibert (514) 392-8442, and Robert A. Seidel, QC (780) 429-6814) Advise and represent energy producers, distributors and utilities, and their stakeholders such as suppliers and special interest groups. Broad experience in the oil & gas and power generation sectors and the energy industry generally,including renewable energy, from the development and financing of projects to the regulation of the industry sectors.

Intellectual Property: (Contact: Chris Bennett (604) 643-6308) Prepare, file and prosecute applications for trade-marks, industrial designs and patents. Provide advice on the acquisition of intellectual property and strategic considerations, commercialization of intellectual property and technology, enforcement of rights and the resolution of disputes.

Japan: (Contact: Robert T. Banno, QC (604) 643-2903, W. Bryan Dunn +813 6234 1242, Anna MacMillan (416) 941-5406, P. Anthony (Tony) McArthur +813 6234 1241, Michael Styczen, PEng (403) 698-8703, and Hiroaki Takahashi +813 6234 1240) Advise national and international clients on establishing businesses and commercial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, purchase and sale of businesses and assets, partnerships, joint ventures, technology transfers, corporate finance, financial structuring as well as debt and equity financings.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution: (Contact: Robert W. Calvert, QC (403) 698-8709, Kelly Friedman (416) 369-5263, Susan E. Friedman (416) 365-3503, Gavin MacKenzie (416) 369-5286, David T. Neave (604) 643-2961, Kathleen Ryan, QC (780) 429-6826, and Allen A. Soltan (604) 643-2970) Experienced trial, appellate and arbitration counsel with a solid record of successful resolutions and case wins. Members regularly appear in all levels of court, including the Federal Court and the Supreme Court of Canada, and before a wide range of administrative boards and tribunals. Specialize in complex litigation cases, with the goal of resolving clients' disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner. We also have significant experience in class action litigation, on a broad variety of provincial and national class actions that encompass a full range of sectors, industries and issues.

Project Finance, Infrastructure and PPP: (Contact: Ian Bendell, Foreign Legal Consultant (416) 369-5252, Andrew Burton (604) 643-2962, Elizabeth Mayer (604) 643-6438, Mitchell Mostyn (416) 369-5254, and Hiroaki Takahashi +813 6234 1240) Advise clients at every stage of the P3 process – from issuance of the procurement documents to financial close – to ensure that interests are met, and to secure timely deal closings. Offer multi-jurisdictional P3 and other infrastructure/project experience gained from work in a variety of Canadian and European markets. Work collaboratively with clients and their financial advisers to provide cutting edge project finance solutions designed to reduce the borrower's risk exposure and cost of borrowing. Davis is the first law firm in North America to advise borrowers on a monoline-wrapped bank loan and the first law firm in Canada to advise borrowers on a long-term interest rate swap with respect to P3 transactions. Davis advised the successful private sector proponents on the two largest P3 financings in Canadian history.

Real Estate: (Contact: Jeffrey M. Citron (416) 862-3363, Warren H. Downs (604) 643-2916, Justin Mooney (416) 941-5405, Marc Philibert (514) 392-8442, and Mark A. Schmidt (604) 643-6401) Advise clients on virtually all aspects of the real estate industry throughout Canada, including acquisitions and sales, development, joint ventures and limited partnerships, public-private partnerships, and commercial leasing and financings.

Securities & Corporate Finance: (Contact: Robert Black (416) 365-3405, Roy H. Hudson (403) 698-8708, Stuart B. Morrow (604) 643-2948, Marc Philibert (514) 392-8442, David R. Reid (604) 643-6428, and Robert A. Seidel, QC (780) 429-6814) Experience in all aspects of securities law and corporate finance, including public offerings, private placements, venture capital financing, take-over bids, issuer bids, mergers and acquisitions and the day-to-day servicing of public companies.

Taxation: (Contact: Howard J. Kellough, QC (604) 643-6372, Paul D. Lailey (604) 643-2912, David Nathanson, QC (416) 365-3415, Mark A. Potechin (514) 392-8414, and Max Weder (604) 643-6370) Experience in corporate tax planning, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, investments by Canadians in other jurisdictions, non-resident investment in Canada and tax planning for owner-managers. Advise on all aspects of tax litigation, including dispute resolution with Canada Revenue Agency and representing clients in cases before provincial courts, the Tax Court of Canada, the Federal Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Technology, Biotechnology & Outsourcing: (Contact: Chris Bennett (604) 643-6308 and Samuel Schwartz (416) 369-5278) Prepare and file patent applications. Prepare, structure and negotiate large and complex outsourcing transactions. Structure and negotiate complex mergers and acquisitions with important and strategic IT components. Provide advice on the procurement of IT services and products. Advise on biotechnology and life science activities. Advise on confidentiality, integrity and availability of corporate and personal data and IT security issues. Advise on Internet and e‑commerce activities. Advise on establishing, protecting, enforcing and commercializing intellectual property.


Aboriginal Law & First Nations Legal Issues:
Robert T. Banno, QC (604) 643-2903, Priscilla Kennedy (780) 429-6830, Rodney A. Snow, QC (867) 393-5105, Heather L. Treacy, QC (403) 294-3589

Robert Donald (403) 698-8788, Catherine A. Pawluch (416) 369-5272, Laura M. Safran, QC (403) 698-8778

Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Restructuring:
Mary I.A. Buttery (604) 643-6478, Bruce Darlington (416) 365-3529, Jean-Yves Fortin, AdE (514) 392-8433, Larry Robinson, QC (403) 698-8715, Hubert Sibre (514) 392-8447, Lance Williams (604) 643-6309

Charities & Not-For-Profit Organizations:
Mary B. Hamilton (604) 643-6490, Roger D. Lee (604) 643-2981

China & Southeast Asia:
Weiguo (William) He (604) 643-6417, Rosanna Wong (604) 643-6320, Judy Hou (514) 392-8432

Competition & Antitrust:
Catherine A. Pawluch (416) 369-5272, J. Kevin Wright (604) 643-6461

Conflict Management & Alternative Dispute Resolution:
James Bancroft, QC (403) 698-8764, Robert Calvert, QC (403) 698-8709, David Foulds (416) 941-5392, Allen A. Soltan (604) 643-2970

Howard Krupat (416) 365-3510, Anna I. MacMillan (416) 941-5406, Dale G. Sanderson, QC (604) 643-6330, Blair M. Shaw (604) 643-2987, David J. Stratton, QC (780) 429-6804

Corporate Services:
Megan Filmer (604) 643-6441, Daniel E. Kenney (403) 698-8704, Ted Maduri (416) 941-5412, Marc Philibert (514) 392-8442, David J. Stratton, QC (780) 429-6804

Jason K. Herbert (604) 643-2928, Laura M. Safran, QC (403) 698-8778, Allen A. Soltan (604) 643-2970

David I. Crocker (416) 941-5415, Brian F. Hiebert (604) 643-2917, Lana Finney (416) 941-5409, Barry Penner, QC (604) 643-6449, Robert A. Seidel, QC (780) 429-6814

Paul R. Albi, QC (604) 643-2901, Judy N. Boyes, QC (403) 698-8743, Robert Calvert, QC (403) 698-8709, Lisa Slater (604) 643-6315

Food & Beverage:
Samuel Schwartz (416) 369-5278, Sara Zborovski (416) 862-3352

Brian F. Hiebert (604) 643-2917, Garry E.P. Mancell, R.P.F. (604) 643-2977, Craig D. Rose, QC, R.P.F. (780) 429-6807

Franchise, Licensing & Distribution:
Chris Barnett (416) 365-3502, Susan Friedman (416) 365-3503, Pablo Guzman (514) 392-8406

Suzanne Kennedy (604) 643-6470, Laura Safran, QC (403) 698-8778, Samuel Schwartz (416) 369-5278

Human Rights:
Michael D.A. Ford, QC (403) 294-3588, Richard J. Nixon (416) 365-3521, Allen A. Soltan (604) 643-2970

Brian Tsuji (604) 643-6496

D. Ross Clark, QC (604) 643-2911, David Foulds (416) 941-5392, Gavin MacKenzie (416) 369-5286, Dana Schindelka (403) 698-8705

International Business Transactions:
Anna I. MacMillan (416) 941-5406, P. Anthony (Tony) McArthur +813 6234 1241, Marc Philibert (514) 392-8442, Robert A. Seidel, QC (780) 429-6814

International Risk Management:
Brandon Barnes (416) 365-3429, Graham Erion (416) 369-5287, John Munnis (604) 643-6343, David T. Neave (604) 643-2961, Marc Philibert (514) 392-8442, David R. Reid (604) 643-6428

International Law & Trade:
Donald W. Campbell (Senior Strategy Advisor) (604) 643-2991, P. John Landry (604) 643-2935, David T. Neave (604) 643-2961

Latin America:
Anelize Aguiar (604) 443-2635, Stuart B. Morrow (604) 643-2948

Life Sciences:
Noam Goodman (416) 862-3361, Samuel Schwartz (416) 369-5278, Sara Zborovski (416) 862-3352

Robert Black (416) 365-3405, Roy Hudson (403) 698-8708, David R. Reid (604) 643-6428, Rodney A. Snow, QC (867) 393-5105

Chris Barnett (416) 365-3502, Warren Downs (604) 643-2916, Franco E. Trasolini (604) 643-2964, Simon R. Wells (604) 643-6460

Oil & Gas:
Brian Bidyk (403) 698-8798, Robert A. Seidel, QC (780) 429-6814, Michael Styczen, PEng (403) 698-8703, Brian Yaworski, QC, ICD.D (403) 698-8746

Pensions & Benefits:
Donald W. Cooper (604) 643-2913, Rachel Hamilton (780) 429-6833, David J. Stratton, QC (780) 429-6804

Personal Injury:
D. Ross Clark, QC (604) 643-2911, Kathleen Ryan, QC (780) 429-6826, Dana Schindelka (403) 698-8705

Privacy & Access to Information:
Chris Bennett (604) 643-6308, Kelly Friedman (416) 369-5263, Tamara L. Hunter (604) 643-2952

Products Liability:
D. Ross Clark, QC (604) 643-2911, Susan Friedman (416) 365-3503

Professional Governance & Regulation:
Allen A. Soltan (604) 643-2970, Dana Schindelka (403) 698-8705, Robert A. Seidel, QC (780) 429-6814

Proxy Contests and Contested Meetings:
Robert Black (416) 365-3405, Stuart B. Morrow (604) 643-2948

Public Affairs:
Donald W. Campbell (Senior Strategy Advisor) (604) 643-2991, Barry Penner, QC (604) 643-6449, Robert A. Seidel, QC (780) 429-6814

Forrest C. Hume (604) 643-6405, P. John Landry (604) 643-2935

Regulatory & Administrative:
Chris Barnett (416) 365-3502, Terence Dalgleish, QC (403) 698-8740, Robert A. Seidel, QC (780) 429-6814, Allen A. Soltan (604) 643-2970

Sponsorship, Promotional Contest and Gift Card Law:
Chris Bennett (604) 643-6308

Video Games & Interactive Entertainment:
Chris Bennett (604) 643-6308, Pablo Guzman (514) 392-8406

Wills, Estates & Trusts:
Mary B. Hamilton (604) 643-6490, Roger D. Lee (604) 643-2981


666 Burrard St, Suite 2800, Park Pl
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6C 2Z7
Phone: (604) 687-9444
Fax: (604) 687-1612


10060 Jasper Ave, Suite 1201, Scotia Tower 2
Edmonton, AB, Canada, T5J 4E5
Phone: (780) 426-5330
Fax: (780) 428-1066


4109 4th Ave, Suite 201, The Taku Building
Whitehorse, YT, Canada, Y1A 1H6
Phone: (867) 393-5100
Fax: (867) 667-2669


5201 50th Ave, Suite 802, Northwest Twr
Yellowknife, NT, Canada, X1A 3S9
Phone: (867) 669-8400
Fax: (867) 669-8420


1501 McGill College Ave, Suite 1400, McGill College Twr
Montréal, QC, Canada, H3A 3M8
Phone: (514) 392-1991
Fax: (514) 392-1999


100 King St W, Suite 6000, 1 First Cdn Pl, Box 367
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5X 1E2
Phone: (416) 365-3500
Fax: (416) 365-7886


250 2nd St SW, Suite 1000, Livingston Pl W
Calgary, AB, Canada, T2P 0C1
Phone: (403) 296-4470
Fax: (403) 296-4474


1-12-32 Akasaka, Fl 13, ARK Mori Bldg, W Wing, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 107-6013
Phone: (036) 234-1235
Fax: (036) 234-1236

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